Artist Statement

My artwork is the process of embodying abstractions that I recreate into worlds to understand the turmoil and prosperity found in everyday life. The feeling of stepping into a new place, leaving reality, while bringing your current worldly knowledge with you, is the concept I am exploring in my current paintings. My personal responses to fictional and non-fictional scenarios are how my fantasies come into fruition. These worlds aren’t always obvious for the viewer. Abstract renditions are to some of my paintings to ensure the audience gets the effect I’m hoping they achieve. A few examples for these responses that happen in a representational and abstract manner are I’m Fine and Aiden’s Dawn.      

I’m Fine brings a sense of unknown to the wood panel in a representational form. The burdensome black sludge-like gunk encasing someone’s fingers as they grasp out from a sea of muck shows a level of betrayal that may seem familiar. This piece is my portrayal of the emotional response when some people get so overwhelmed but can’t help but lie and say “I’m fine” when asked if they are okay. Through motherhood, caregiving, and being in a variety of uncomfortable situations growing up, this piece helps share the common lie we all have shared as humanity. This representational piece is there to help guide responses while still giving a sense of freedom to the audience on how to react and feel within this world. 

Whereas with the piece Aiden’s Dawn I’m showing the physical response I feel when I think of a new day in an abstract form. My process of based abstraction while imagining, feeling, and overall development of the work to show what expressions came from that moment. The colors chosen help the emotional draw that comes from the love, passion, anger, and that unknown building up from the flames that we see in a new week. The warmer palette invites the audience to learn more about their own desires for the coming days ahead. The lighter tones and dots represent the good within the turmoil of oranges and deeper reds. I believe abstract pieces give people a greater sense of freedom to draw their own wishes, feelings, and overall reaction to the piece.

With help from my own travels and research into subjects as varied as the cosmos, oceanography, anthropology, and plant science, I use my work to go somewhere else. Creating art that can be seen and drawn to all parts of life. From the initial sketching and planning I do through various sketchbooks to the final layers of varnish in between. My heart and soul is poured into these paintings. The ritualized creation process in creating the art is just as important to me as the final product created. These pieces are the way I take the audience on their own journey, to a place they may have forgotten or up until now has remained elusive to them. I imagine grabbing the audience in and bringing their own adventures back to fruition when I create these artworks and I can’t wait to share more with you.