curated by Jeanine Procell,
White Box Gallery, CSUB, Bakersfield, CA


Inspire consisted of what artists were inspired by the most. They were asked to submit and the result was this exhibition. Sarah submitted Aiden’s Dawn.

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Inspire Full 1

Photo provided by Jeanine Procell

Inspire Full 2

Photo provided by Jeanine Procell

Inspire Full 3

Aiden’s Dawn (2022).
Watercolor and India Ink on Bristol Board.

Sarah O’Leary

Aiden’s Dawn is the abstract representation of the sun.  This piece was sent to Inspire because of the feelings that daytime connects humanity, our planet, and nature. There is inspiration during the day with the dawn bringing new beginnings, passion,  and fire that drives us. Sarah took the day being from the sun as a big influencer for this abstract piece. The warm tones for the lava like base, the dark reds to white specs to show the crackle of fires, and the countless watercolor layers all swirled through brought Aiden’s Dawn to fruition. This piece was completed outside and only during the light of the sun.

The piece is named Aiden’s Dawn after Aiden meaning “little fire” from Irish roots. The name is based off the name Aodhán which can be traced back from Aodh, the Celtic “God” associated with fire and the sun.

This has a sister piece called Selena’s Dusk that is opposite in color pallet and tones.